Our team

Situated in St.Petersburg, a big European city that is well-known for its educational establishments with respectable traditions, SoftDev enjoys a unique opportunity of hiring the best and the brightest. Our engineers’ approach to problem-solving is both innovative and result-oriented. This makes the engineering team of SoftDev well-armed for solving problems of any level of complexity.

Our R&D Division is an exceptional group of self-motivated and highly-skilled software engineers, who have diverse background and possess many years of experience in creating software applications for various areas: Computer Aided Design, Graphic applications, Graphic File Conversion, Database, Project Management applications, Internet/Intranet and Web-based applications.

Development Support Division has a skilled Quality Assurance team, which employs standard procedures of program testing as well as automated testing. Localization and Release Engineering team provides localization of products to any European or Asian language, using DBCS and Unicode technologies. Content creation team ensures that the applications have the necessary content (templates, samples, symbol libraries, etc.) This team has vast experience in creating 3D images using 3D Studio Max.