Software Development

Services : Software development

SoftDev's resume includes a wide range of projects - from professional systems to personal applications delivered to you by unique team of software architects, engineers and developers. Our team members have extensive experience, diverse skills and backgrounds providing virtually endless capabilities to design and implement existing and emerging technology.

SoftDev's credentials include 25+ years of software development experience providing full range of software development, release engineering and quality testing services.

Core competencies of our company include:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems;
  • .NET Enterprise solutions;
  • Business applications - project management, database management systems, organizational charts and reporting systems;
  • File import/export converters;
  • Network client-server systems;
  • Multimedia applications.

Throughout the years SoftDev has remotely collaborated with leading software companies in North America, Europe and Asia on both short-term and long-term projects. 

Whether you have from complex to simple software development needs, SoftDev's highly qualified team can perform for you:

  • Complete cycle of software development, starting from specifications to Gold Master utilizing the necessary technology to achieve the best results based on customer specifications
  • Enhancing and tailoring the architecture of existing software applications to meet customers' needs
  • Cross-platform porting
  • And much more

We ensure strict confidentiality of all development and research. Security of information on the servers and the local networks is assured as well.

Languages: C++, C, С#, VB6, VB.NET, Verilog, T-SQL, Python, Perl, Ruby, React, JavaScript, Typescript, CSS, HTML, PowerShell, BASH, Objective-C, Swift, Java
Technologies and Framework: Open Design Alliance SDK, DJI Developer SDKs, Siemens JT Toolkit,  ObjectARX/ObjectDBX, Revit API, Parasolid, .NET, .NET Core, WebForms, ADO.NET, XML, XPATH/XSLT, WCF, WPF, ORM, MFC,  OLE, ODBC, DAO, DHTML, Qt,   ADODB, ActiveX + COM, DCM, Telerik, Xamarin SDK, OPC UA, Jenkins, Mobile iOS/Android SDK
Web Technologies and Framework: ASP.NET, WebServices, SOAP, Ajax, IIS, WebAssembly, Node.js, Rest API, jQuery, Jest, Redux, RxJS, React, Angular;
Databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Access, MongoDB;
Tools: Azure DevOps, TFS, JIRA, Perforce, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Xcode, Android Studio, IBM Cognos, Primavera P6, TeamPulse, TeamCity, MotioCI, MS SharePoint, MS Office API,  Selenium, Cypress, Electron, Swagger,  xUnit,  NUnit, MSTest;
Operating systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, Android, iOS
Version control systems: Git,Hg (Mercurial), TFS, SVN, CVS