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TurboCADCAM is an integrated computer-aided design program with computer-aided machining capabilities. This seamless integration of CAD, CAM and DNC, is the machinist's extension to TurboCAD. Available as a plug-in to TurboCAD or stand-alone CADCAM application, TurboCADCAM supports milling, drilling and lathing operations. The program also generates native code for the equipment, so it needs no post-processor, and includes built-in communication software. It supports over 25 different CAD file formats as well as G-Code from leading programs

Development tools: MS Visual C++, VBA.
Technologies: ACIS 3D ToolKit, Parasolid, D-Cubed, LightWorks, OpenGL, DirectX, MFC, OLE, COM, DOM, ATL, STL, ActiveX, DAO.