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Mobile Applications

Nowadays, mobile applications are necessary for nearly every business area. SoftDev SPb offers the highest quality of mobile application development.

SoftDev provides development, testing and technical support of mobile applications for all popular platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). We have a highly experienced team of developers and QA engineers. All team members have higher technical or mathematical education and most of them have work experience ranging from 10 to 20 years.

By working on multiple projects, we have gained a wealth of experience in mobile app development which enables us to deliver high-performing universal mobile apps at the lowest rates.

Among the projects we create are:

SDK for processing payments with NFC and QR codes

A full stack SDK for application developers: ready to use commerce logic through open source for applications and SaaS-service for backend processing, customer identification, secure authorization, multiple payment types and models, one-stop payment processing, additional capabilities such as push messages, geolocation and risk management. Cross-platform mobile applications for all popular platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) that allow users to make purchases (tickets, products from vending machines) using QR codes, NFC and client-server technology.

DJI drone flight control application

Mobile application for DJI Phantom drone (iOS) – automatic flight along a set path, taking pictures and videos, recording of flight history. Flight path can be edited using waypoints on the map, and annotations and geomarks can be added.

Mobile CAD viewer

Cross-platform mobile CAD viewer (iOS, Android), which provides quick visualization of 2D/3D models (OpenGL), as well as ability to add annotations – geometric, textual, photo, video or audio.

Mobile service for offering and managing work opportunities

Mobile service that simplifies the process of offering and managing various work opportunities to employer’s target groups - internal or external talents, partners, contractors, members or other service providers. It can search easily and close to the author's gig task. The same service can also take care of mobile payments, paid compensation, payroll taxes, as well as the necessary reports to different authorities.

Vending machine payment application

Mobile application which connects a smartphone to the vending machine by scanning a QR code or by connecting with NFC from the decal. Payment is made by the registered debit and credit card. Includes high-quality security and anti-fraud methods.

Mobile ticketing solution

Mobile application that allows users to buy different tickets online, store them on the phone and present it as a QR code. Its user interface is a combination of native and web controls. Second part of the project reads and validates these tickets on the merchant side. All server communications are implemented using high security messaging protocol.

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