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CAD/CAM systems

One of the main areas of SoftDev's expertise is Computer Aided Design (CAD) and related fields:

  • Multipurpose CAD systems (including 3D solid modeling solutions)
  • Enterprise level CAD systems extensions for architectural, electrical, chemical, oil and gas industries
  • CAM systems
  • Integration of CAD applications with Document Management systems and Product Lifecycle Management systems

SoftDev's significant experience in CAD systems development is a solid foundation that enables us to provide CAD-related custom solutions to our clients that use AutoCAD, TurboCAD and other systems and applications.

With over 18 years of experience creating applications for various platforms, we can assist you with:

  • CAD/database connectivity
  • Development of CAD applications for tablets
  • Development of custom ARX applications

Below are a few examples of the projects we have been working on.


Revit is the first parametric building modeler. It comprises intelligent building components, views and annotations. All are both parametric and are associated bi-directionally through a high-performance change propagation engine. Revit encourages design changes anywhere, anytime by rippling any and all design modifications instantly and completely through the entire documentation set. SoftDev SPb participated in the development of this product prior to Revit's acquisition by Autodesk.

FloorPlan 3D

FloorPlan 3D Whether you're planning a remodel, home improvement project or building a custom home, FloorPlan 3D has ideas and inspiration to transform your house to the home of your dreams. FloorPlan's easy-to-use interface has all the tools you need at your finger tips allowing you to create floor plans in minutes. The extensive materials library gives you a choice of materials to everything, including flooring, wall surfaces, exteriors and editable objects. FloorPlan 3D covers every detail in one easy-to-use program and brings your designs to life in stunning 3D.


DesignCAD is the ultimate beginner tool for creating precise, professional-quality drafting, modeling and animation. 2D drafting and 3D modeling have never been easier. Create professional-quality drafting, modeling and animation with ease and speed. No previous CAD experience needed. Perfect for: Furniture; Decks; Floorplans and architectural drawings; Engineering Layouts; Electronic schematics; Plats, maps and elevations; Toys, hobbies and 3D models.


TurboCADCAM is an integrated computer-aided design program with computer-aided machining capabilities. This seamless integration of CAD, CAM and DNC, is the machinist's extension to TurboCAD. Available as a plug-in to TurboCAD or stand-alone CADCAM application, TurboCADCAM supports milling, drilling and lathing operations.


TurboCAD Power, precision, performance and an affordable price are the hallmarks of TurboCAD. With integrated 2D drafting, 3D surface and solid modeling, and photorealistic rendering, TurboCAD delivers unparalleled design productivity and dramatic visual results. TurboCAD is an excellent design tool for both Architectural and Mechanical design jobs. TurboCAD includes a full compliment of fully parametric architectural objects, including doors, windows and walls.

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