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TurboCAD Plugins Pack

TurboCAD Plugins Pack Improve your productivity with this free TurboCAD plug-ins pack, which includes Calculator, CurveLab, Drawing View, Selection Info. Also included is HTML plug-ins SDK - an easy-to-use tool that facilitates creating custom plug-ins.

Truss Analysis Tool

Truss Analysis Tool Introducing Beta-version of the Truss Analysis Tool, a TurboCAD plug-in designed for stress/strain analysis of trusses

  • Description and usage instructions
  • Beta-version 1.0 (for TC8+ Pro ) (395Kb)
  • Surveyor Dimension Tool

    Surveyor Dimension Tool Free Surveyor Dimension Tool is a TurboCAD plug-in designed for setting dimensions in geographic coordinates for line and arc segments

  • Installation and usage instructions
  • Surveyor Dimension Tool for TurboCAD v9 (3.77Mb)
  • Beam Analysis Tool

    Beam Analysis Tool Introducing updated version of the Beam Analysis Tool, a robust plug-in designed specifically for calculating stresses and deflections of linear beams

  • Beam Analysis Tool Patch

  • Free patch for owners of Beam Analysis Tool for TurboCAD v7.
    NOTE: Download this patch only if you have upgraded to TurboCAD v8.


    AnimationLab is an intuitive and easy-to-use add-on software module for TurboCAD. Through seamless integration with TurboCAD, AnimationLab takes advantage of the software's capabilities, while at the same time providing great tools to enhance presentations by animating mechanical, human and animal models, and 3D web art. For additional information about AnimationLab, tutorials, galleries and more click here. Development tools: MS Visual C++, VBScript.

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