Expertise | SoftDev


Our engineers develop a lot of complex desktop, web and mobile applications for clients all over the globe using modern, popular and in-demand technologies (C++, C#, Python, Java, ACIS 3D ToolKit, Parasolid, D-Cubed, LightWorks, DWGdirect, OpenGL, DirectX, etc.)

Our main expertise is in the following areas (click links below to see more)

SoftDev SPb’s unique team of software developers has contributed to (and is currently participating in) the development of many projects: from professional software systems to personal applications.

We also have experience in: 

  • File import/export converters that provide file format compatibility of customers’ applications with other publishers’ software
  • Software for the telecommunications industry
  • Multimedia applications
  • Custom software solutions

Our customers' success is the highest priority of our company. Working even on small projects, we aim at establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers.

Communication and collaboration are important at every stage of the software development process, so we work to maintain an open flow of communication with the clients which is maintained throughout the duration of each project. By keeping our clients on board, we can always meet their expectations and provide secure, effective, and easy to use applications.  

Whatever the level of complexity of the task at hand, SoftDev will meet the customer’s expectations and provide the best and most efficient application. If you need secure, effective, and easy to use software solution to make your business more successful - SoftDev SPb is the outsourcing partner you have been looking for.