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SaaS construction management software solutions

SaaS construction management software solutions for accessing, importing, managing, collaborating, and analyzing construction data all in one place. Our company is involved in the development and testing software solutions designed for the integrated management of the infrastructure facilities construction. They help eliminate misunderstandings between the construction site and the office and provide quick access to geo-referenced jobsite reports, emerging issues, site safety observations, weather conditions and more in one place in real time. This speeds up collaboration and decision making.

The software solutions consists of several modules, each performs its task:

  • Storage all project data updated to the latest version in one place and implementation of quick access to them
  • Visualization and simulation models
  • Budget control and managing all changes, minimizing financial risk and maximizing project profits
  • Resource and task management
  • Access to reports with geo-referencing to the job site in real time

Languages:  С#, .NET, Net Core,  JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Java SE, React, Redux, HTML5, CSS   
Technologies and Framework: NET, ASP.NET, React, Redux, Jest, RxJS, jQuery
Tools:   Visual Studio, VSCode, Selenium, Cypress Electron, Git, Android, iOS, Swagger,  xUnit,  NUnit, MSTest