Company | SoftDev


SoftDev is a Russian software development outsourcing company, which develops and supports various types of software: desktop, web and mobile.

Since its establishment in 1994 our company has been providing quality services for development, QA/QC, localization, release engineering and technical support of software, as well as creating content for applications.

The practice of involving external resources in the development of software products (outsourcing) has become a staple in the modern information technology industry. Outsourcing enables companies to tap into the pool of additional resources at significantly lower cost. Partnering with SoftDev lets our customers reduce their development costs while maintaining high quality of developed software – as the quality of SoftDev’s services is time-proven to be outstanding.

Throughout many years SoftDev has been working remotely with companies in North America, Europe and Asia, on both short- and long-term projects.

The company’s service record includes a wide range of projects in a variety of industries: from professional software systems to personal applications, including:

  • Multipurpose 3D modeling CAD systems
  • CAM systems
  • File import/export converters that provide file format compatibility of customers’ applications with other publishers’ software
  • Business applications – project management and database management systems, orgcharting and document management systems
  • Network client-server systems
  • Internet projects
  • Software for the telecommunications industry
  • Multimedia applications
  • Scientific and analytical applications
  • Custom software solutions

Our company’s success is possible thanks to a highly-skilled team of developers and engineers, proven quality and efficiency of our services. SoftDev’s goal is to create and maintain productive and long-lasting relationships with our customers, business partners and employees.

We guarantee confidentiality of all research and development done by our team; we also ensure security of information and data on our servers and in our local networks.